Why DESH International

Our genuine passion and enthusiasm
for what we do

Coupled with our agility enables us to respond swiftly to clients’ ensuring that our clients continue to use DESH International time and time as their trusted recruitment partner. To ensure we uphold and promote the highest possible standards across our recruitment practices. Besides our passion for recruitment we are pioneers in our sector and also nationality recognized for our corporate social responsibility strategy. What makes us the most reliable source is our team of expertise who collaborate to form an excellent management team. A fully computerized Office System and Virtual Databank designed to enable prompt communication among every staff for efficient and best service delivery. Our own reliable expertise for medical check-ups and aptitude tests enable us to handpick the best before we actually select anyone for final recruitment.

DESH International is bringing all opportunities at aboard. The Unit is working not only to bring job opportunities in different region globally but also opening new scopes in the new region. DESH International has the following focus-

Developing Manpower/Human Resources for the different industries worldwide

Bringing Scope not only in unskilled level but also in Semi-Skilled and Skilled level.

Opening Skilled Level Job Opportunities in developed countries like Japan, European, Middle East and other prospective countries.

DESH International is linked with different institutions and professional’s association.

DESH International has huge pool of network

DESH International has multi-level/skilled database

DESH International can give fast and consistent recruitment solution.

DESH International guarantees the highest talent match

Overseas Recruitment Process

DESH International follows a well-defined process and method. As an International recruitment agency, we cater to the needs of diverse industries like Construction, Hospitality, Engineering, Medical Services, Oil & Gas Shipping and so on. International companies normally issue a demand letter detailing job spaces, letter of authority empowering sources to act as their recruitment consultants in Bangladesh and to deal with visa and other procedures. The overseas company also forwards a draft of employment agreement between the employer and employee. DESH International then initiates the process of calling for applications from candidates, short listing and then calling selected candidates for tests and oral interviews either by the employer or his authorized representative at suitable locations in Bangladesh. DESH International the HR recruitment agency provides logistic support. Sometimes employers abroad delegate responsibilities to DESH International As an overseas placement agency, we follow a defined process to ensure selection of only the perfect candidate matching the job profile. Industry experts in each field are called upon for interviews and tests jointly carried out with executives in HR specialization at DESH International As a manpower recruitment firm.

Office Network

We provide easy access to the best talents with a wide spread network of offices located in all the major cities of the country. While our Head office is located at Dhaka, Bangladesh, we have our associate at BAIRA, Government of Bangladesh, Department of foreign Employment. We also have international associates in neighboring countries like India and Bangladesh. Our wide spread network enables us reach out to the widest audience, meeting all the recruitment needs of any organization.