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Welcome to Latvia, a hidden gem of the Baltic region, known for its rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant cultural scene. Situated on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, Latvia offers a captivating blend of medieval charm, stunning natural beauty, and modern dynamism that invites travelers to explore its many wonders.

Begin your journey in Riga, the capital city, which boasts a stunning array of architectural styles, from medieval to Art Nouveau. The Old Town (Vecrīga) is a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring cobbled streets, picturesque squares, and historic buildings. Visit the impressive Riga Cathedral, the largest medieval church in the Baltic states, and St. Peter’s Church, with its towering spire offering panoramic views of the city. The House of the Blackheads, a striking Gothic building, and the nearby Town Hall Square are must-see landmarks.

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Capital City

Riga is renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture, with over 800 buildings showcasing this decorative style. The Art Nouveau district, particularly along Alberta Street, is a feast for the eyes, with intricately adorned facades and elegant details. Explore the Art Nouveau Museum to learn more about this architectural movement and its influence on the city.

For a deeper understanding of Latvia’s history and culture, visit the Latvian National Museum of Art, housing an extensive collection of Latvian and international art. The Museum of the Occupation of Latvia offers poignant insights into the country’s tumultuous 20th-century history under Soviet and Nazi occupations. The Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, located just outside Riga, presents traditional rural life through a collection of historic buildings and cultural exhibits.

Beyond the capital, Latvia’s diverse landscapes beckon with their natural beauty. The Gauja National Park, often referred to as the “Switzerland of Latvia,” is the country’s largest national park, offering lush forests, scenic rivers, and dramatic sandstone cliffs. Explore the medieval Turaida Castle and the charming town of Sigulda, known for its outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and bobsledding.

Head to the Latvian coast to discover pristine beaches and charming seaside towns. Jurmala, just a short drive from Riga, is a popular resort town with a long sandy beach, elegant wooden villas, and numerous spa facilities. The town of Liepaja, known as the “City of Wind,” offers a blend of cultural attractions and beautiful beaches. Visit the Karosta district, a former military base turned unique cultural site, and enjoy live music and vibrant nightlife in the city center.

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